TRAVEL with pat and lew

Mexico in March

Posted by Lew Weinstein on February 10, 2007

We’ve just arranged a non-simultaneous exchange with a woman who lives in the Lake Chapala area of Mexico. We’ll go there in March, and she’ll go to Collioure in May, before we arrive. Pat has been tracking the Lake Chapala area for some time. It’s one of the largest ex-pat communities for Americans and Canadians. We’ll fly to Guadalajara and drive (30 minutes) from there. Ann, our exchange partner, called today, all excited about Collioure. Unlike a simultaneous exchange, where of course you don’t meet, Ann will be staying with a friend when we are at her place, and we’re making plans to meet. Pat tells her that we’ll bring our “Instructions for Guests” and the key to our Collioure apartment. This will be the only vacation travel we do from Key West this year.


3 Responses to “Mexico in March”

  1. PAT,
    I have a google alert on “Home Exchange”. Even though the exact wording was not used in your blog – Google found you, just the same. If you want to be found by a broader audience, it helps to select words in your title and text that represent your theme.
    Happy Blogging and Home Exchanging!


    You are the first person to ever respond to our brand new blog site. We are neophytes in blogging? How did you find us? We will certainly check out your site.


  3. Dear Pat and Lew:
    Your next home exchange trip sounds very interesting. It is always exciting when you have arranged for a new home exchange and you just “know” it is going to be great. I would love to travel to Mexico in March! Although I have done mostly simultaneous home exchanges with my family, we have always managed to meet with our exchange partners. An “old pro” had given me the advise to make this effort and I must say it has made a big difference for us and our home exchange partners. For one thing, we have stayed in touch with all of them and some have become very good friends.
    Home Exchange has become such a passion for me that I very recently launched my own home exchange network. I would like to invite you to join – membership is free for a limited amount of time (no strings attached). For more information go to:
    Wishing you a wonderful trip to the Lake Chapala area,

    Ursula Godwin Niesmann

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