TRAVEL with pat and lew

shovelling snow with a toilet seat

Posted by Lew Weinstein on February 22, 2007

We wake up one morning and the Pyrenees look like an Alpine slope. We’re told this is the first snowfall in 10 years. It keeps coming down, 2-3 inches of it, and gradually we realize we have a problem. The next morning we’re leaving by train for Paris. But to get to the train station, we have to go down 60 snow-covered steps with our heavy luggage. The internet weather forecast calls for an overnight freeze.

The steps will be solid ice.There are no snow shovels in Collioure. Searching the apartment, I find a substitute.

We had replaced our toilet seat, and had not yet discarded the old one. The lid will make a perfect shovel.

So out we go, me with the lid, Pat standing behind me in case I slip. One step at a time, backwards, I clear a path down the steps.

Our neighbor Brigitte, hearing the noise, comes out to investigate, and is convulsed with laughter. But the next morning, although everything not scraped clean is a sheet of ice, we have a clear path down the steps.

Disaster averted.



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