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broadband and internet cafes

Posted by Lew Weinstein on February 22, 2007

Most of what we do on the internet (when we travel as well as at home) requires a broadband connection rather than dial-up. We have installed broadband in Key West and Collioure, and sometimes when we travel, it is available where we are.

But if not, we use internet cafes. We just learned about internet cafes last summer, and it took some trial and error. We are almost always the oldest people in any internet café we are in.Basically, an internet café is a place with a lot of computers where you can connect to the internet for a modest charge. The minimum time is usually 10 minutes, but you’ll probably need more. You can make the internet café computer look exactly like your own laptop by bringing up the same home page, in our case My Yahoo. Make sure you know the password. On your own computer, My Yahoo recognizes you but this is not the case on a different computer in an internet café.

Once connected, you can do the same things you do on your own computer, including bank transactions, if needed. I prefer not to do bank transactions on anything but my own computer, so I plan ahead and try to get everything done before leaving a home base. But if you need to do it, it can be done and it’s probably safe.

email at an internet cafe

Email is a little different at an internet café than it is on your own computer. Most email providers (we use Comcast) have a web-based email system. Maybe that’s what you use all the time, but we, on our own laptops, use an email program called Eudora. When we travel, however, we use the Comcast web mail system. Again, make sure you know your ID and password and have them with you.

email settings

You can set the options with your email provider to leave mail on the provider’s server (in our case Comcast) or have it deleted after you download your mail. If you’re at an internet café and want to later download your mail to your own computer, you have to set the option to leave the mail on the server. You may periodically want to delete that mail from the server if the volume gets large.

You may also want to keep a record of mail you send from a computer at an internet café. One way is to set your options to keep sent mail, so you can look it up later on your home computer. The other way is to send a copy to yourself, to be retrieved later on your own computer.


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