TRAVEL with pat and lew

packing 93 books

Posted by Lew Weinstein on February 22, 2007

Pat and I like books. Lots of books.

As we head off to the “land of no Barnes & Noble,” both of us are terrified that we will run out of books to read. Collioure, we believe, has no English book shops.

So we take 93 books with us for our first summer abroad, including fiction, non-fiction, and research for my next novel.

93 books weigh a lot. We explore many expensive ways to ship them, but in the end decide that the least expensive solution i sto pay the overweight luggage fee. We pack two suitcases and two boxes, even a few ounces under the 70 pound max.

Our flight over involves several connections, and the boxes barely make it.

Later in the summer, we find a used English book store in a neighboring town, and we also buy 25 more books in Ireland and Australia. Most we read, and some are left in Collioure for next summer.



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