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Slingbox: your own TV anywhere

Posted by Lew Weinstein on February 22, 2007

We’re far from constant TV watchers, but we do like to watch the news, an occasional movie, and a few programs. If there’s a big story breaking, we want to know about it.

We were with our friends Eileen and Ron, and happened to mention that we would miss watching U.S. television while we were away in France.

“I have the solution for you,” Ron said. “Get Slingbox.”

Ron explained that Slingbox is a small device which costs about $200.00. You connect the Slingbox to your cable box and install the associated software on your laptop.

Off we went to Circuit City. The Slingbox instructions are reasonably straight-forward, and there is customer support if needed.

NOTE: You must receive your cable TV and internet on the same cable, in our case from Comcast.

Once Slingbox is installed, from wherever you are in the world, you simply click the Slingbox icon on your laptop. In a few seconds, you’re watching your own television … on your laptop. You can be in your living room, outside on the deck, or anywhere else in the world, such as Collioure.

A replica of your TV remote appears on the screen and you use it much the same as the real one. You can change channels, record programs (if you have DVR), play what you’ve recorded, and use In Demand for pay-per-view.

Voila! Thanks, Ron.



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