TRAVEL with pat and lew

Marriott Singapore – superb

Posted by Lew Weinstein on February 22, 2007

We’re staying at the Marriott Singapore on Orchard Road, in the heart of Singapore’s shopping district. The hotel is modern and tastefully decorated, our large room has the most comfortable bed we have ever slept in, and the service is truly extraordinary.

In the ground floor Marriott Café, where we have the buffet breakfast twice and lunch once, servers buzz around like a hive of bees. It’s really incredible. If you open a butter pack and lay the little paper cover on the table, someone will come to pick it up.

Is this the mode of Singapore, or the Marriott, or both? We ask the headwaiter, and he says it’s Marriott, that they have training meetings every day to reinforce the level of customer service they wish to deliver. After living in France, where you will be left alone for hours at your table (if you wish), this is quite a contrast. We actually find it a little oppressive at times, although everyone is extraordinarily nice.

On our last night in Singapore, we decide to dine in the hotel. I collect the three restaurant menus and bring them to the room, where Pat is napping. There’s an elegant Chinese restaurant, maybe too elegant for our mood, and for our casual clothes. The first floor Café has a long menu but we’ve been there. The third is the Pool Grill. They have lobster tail at a reasonable price. Not a hard decision.

It’s still a little humid, but five minutes after seating, a cool breeze arrives. The view is stunning – Singapore high rises and a curved moon hanging in the black sky. We order drinks. The waiters hover, trained as they are to leave no customer alone for more than four seconds.

We say we’re not in a hurry, that we’ll place our order after we receive our drinks. Responsive to our wishes, everybody slows down. We drink, we talk. The food is outstanding, the dinner peaceful. Five stories up, it’s quiet, elegant, romantic, slow-paced, and wonderful.

We cap the evening by returning to the outdoor pool at 10:30pm. The water is warm. We turn on the jets. It’s perfect.



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