TRAVEL with pat and lew


Posted by Lew Weinstein on February 23, 2007

There are many fine restaurants in Collioure, and gradually we will try them all.  

There’s outstanding pizza at the Pasta Pizza Arcade on rue Colbert. The outdoor cafes along the Quai de l’Amiraute, the main walking street along the canal, offer crepes, moules (mussels) with frites, and terrific salads.

There are also many outdoor restaurants beside the beach. We especially like a glass of wine at Copacabana or St. Vincent, right on the beach.

Excellent cheese sandwiches (does fromage en baguette sound better) are available all over town. Ice cream stands are found on almost every little street.

For more serious eating, we’ve enjoyed El Capillo at the intersection of rue Pasteur and rue St. Vincent.

When we watched the World Cup Soccer championship game at the Templiers Hotel, a place frequented by Matisse and many other painters a hundred years ago, Pat ate moules with frittes and I had calamar with a garlic sauce. Did we ever imagine we would eat such food? It was delicious.

A caution about eating in France. Americans are used to eating quickly, especially at lunch, but the French cannot be hurried when it comes to food. If you out to eat, expect to spend time and enjoy your experience.


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