TRAVEL with pat and lew

* expatriates in Ajijic – the Lake Chapala Society

Posted by Lew Weinstein on April 13, 2007

Approximately 5,000 Americans and Canadians live in the Lake Chapala region, of which Ajijic is the center, and they have created a remarkable ex-patriot community for themselves, built around the Lake Chapala Society.

The LCS is located on a beautiful property on 16 de Septembre, donated to the society some years before by Neill James. It features lovely gardens, a 35,000 volume English library, meeting rooms, and a lively coffee and muffin center. Lots of friendly people, some meeting informally, others planning trips or events, looking for books. Founded 50 years ago, the LCS is the social center of a friendly and lively ex-pat life.

In addition to the LCS, the expatriates have provided a broad support system for themselves and for visitors. Teresa Kendrick’s Insider’s Guide to Lake Chapala & Ajijic is invaluable, and there is also an excellent restaurant guide.


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