TRAVEL with pat and lew

shopping in Tlaquepaque (Guadalajara)

Posted by Lew Weinstein on April 13, 2007

Tlaquepaque is a section of Guadalajara where old buildings have been restored to accommodate a wide variety of excellent shops featuring Mexican clothes, pottery, linens, and other goods.

The drive from Ajijic takes us past the airport. The signage, which until now has been quite limited, is actually quite good at getting us to Tlaquepaque. We follow the avenue C. Ninos Heroes on our map, turn at Juarez, and, since it is early in the morning, easily find a convenient parking space. I put pesos in the meter for 4 hours parking, I think for less than $1.00 US.

It’s not yet 10:00 am, and the shops are not open. We wander, take photos of the churches and charming old buildings. Pat studies the list of shops in an excellent brochure, which is available everywhere including the Guadalajara airport, and lists the stores she is interested in. I circle the keyed store numbers on the map, and as soon as they open, we begin. The main shopping streets are pedestrian only.

Our first purchase is three beautiful scarves, one for Pat and two as gifts. Our main quest, however, is brightly colored Mexican serving bowls and plates. We explore several shops, then find what we want. We buy 5 beautiful serving dishes for $60.00 US. They wrap them well and put them in a box with a carry string, which we put in the car trunk.

We have an excellent lunch, our best meal in Mexico, with guacamole that compares well with our favorite at Rosa Mexicano in New York.

More shopping yields a handful of brightly colored napkins and place mats, which is always one of Pat’s goals.

We find our way out of Guadalajara without difficulty and head back to Ajijic, about 50 kilometers away.

We return to Guadalajara a few days later to explore other areas of the city, but find nothing as charming or as productive from a shopping viewpoint as Tlaquepaque.


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