TRAVEL with pat and lew

using our own laptop in Ajijic

Posted by Lew Weinstein on April 13, 2007

The internet is a very important element of our travel, before and during. If we have no on-line capability where we are staying, we use the now ubiquitous internet cafes. A year or so ago, we were total neophytes, but now we are accomplished internet café users, able to get to our own home page and email without difficulty.

But it’s better to be able to use your own laptop. I would bring the laptop anyway, to use for my writing, but if there’s an Ethernet connection in the house, as there is in Anne’s house in Ajijic, then it’s just like being at home.

In this case, there was an Ethernet cable going to Anne’s desk top computer, and it took but a few seconds to disconnect it from her computer and plug intt to my laptop. Before we leave, we’ll reconnect her computer.

Once connected, we have our own email, Skype, and Slingbox available to us. This is not only useful for keeping in touch, it also allows us to make or change travel arrangements as we go, and to check the local weather forecasts.


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