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internet difficulties in Perth

Posted by Lew Weinstein on April 19, 2007

We actually have two computers in Perth, the desk top which was left for us in our home exchange house, and the laptop we brought. The Ethernet cable works fine with our laptop. Skype works fine, but MLB and Slingbox reception is not great, which we think is related to a slower broadband connection than we are used to in KW or Collioure.

Computers and telephones are among the very difficult aspects of living in someone else’s home, or even in living abroad generally. People everywhere use their own phone by second nature, so they never think of telling you all the subtle differences, like when to use an extra digit or not, and it can be frustrating. We’re probably just as deficient, but we’ll try to be more precise, and to ask better questions. Better to use Skype.

One morning, we turn on the computer and there’s no internet connection. With three weeks left in Perth, this is a major problem. All of our communications, travel arrangements, and financial transactions depend on the internet.

Fran, our home exchange partner, has left a number to call for iprimus tech support in case of problems, and she also communicates with Iprimus to give permission for them to talk with me.

Iprimus advises there are no system difficulties, so the problem must be at the home. They lead me through a process that confirms the internet connection from iprimus to this location was functioning properly, and conclude that the problem is in the router connection. They give me a phone number for Netgear tech support.

I call Netgear, who agree that the problem was probably in the router. They lead me through an exercise which resets the router. Now all I have to do is log on correctly through the router setup program. The only problem is that the account name and passwords I have do not work. I call Iprimus again.

After confirming that my birthday is June 5, 1942 (thank you Fran for making me two years younger when you made up my birthday) Iprimus gives me the correct login name and password. I open Windows Internet Explorer, which opens even though it does not connect, type in the information given to me by iprimus, and the Netgear setup screen appears.

I enter the information provided by Netgear, select setup wizard and follow the steps indicated. When asked for account name and password, I enter the information provided by Iprimus. Voila. Internet access restored.

This is surely not a straightforward easy process, but if you keep calm and carefully follow instructions you can get there. Both Iprimus and Netgear were wonderfully helpful and patient. I cannot imagine doing this with France Telecom and Wanadoo in French, but I’m sure if I spoke French, they would be just as helpful. 


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