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* trips from Collioure

Posted by Lew Weinstein on April 19, 2007

a selection of trips, some within walking distance, others day trips by car or train, some overnight trips, and a 7 day hike along the coast from Collioure to Cadaques (in Spain).

within walking distance

·     walk to Port Vendres, the next town south of Collioure (25 mins) lunch there and take the local bus back.

·     walk the coast to Argeles, the next town north of Collioure … see an English movie in the cinema (details at Tourist Office) … return by train.

·     walk to ‘The Hermitage’ … details at Tourist Office.

Day trips by car or train

·     Train to Banyuls (past Port Vendres) and visit the winery … free tour and video show (English sub-titles) Free wine tasting after the tour … they will ship your order, unfortunately NOT to U.S.A.

·     Eus … among the beautiful villages of southern France … by car from Collioure, Michelin route finder says 57 minutes, 72 km

·     Castlenou … A walled town built in the 13th century by Louis IX … by car from Collioure, Michelin route finder says 41 minutes, 47 km 

·     Villefranche de Conflent  … by car … then take  a trip on  ‘The Yellow Train’…… to Font Romeau ( we prefer to get off at Mont St Louis) … suggestion: explore Villefranche before the Yellow Train trip  (check timetable) … if you wait until after, the shops and churches in Villefranche may be closed.  

·     Carcassonne … by train or car. By car from Collioure, Michelin route finder says 1 hr 31 minutes, 150 km the site of the largest preserved medieval walled town in Europe. Quite a lot to see, but can be done in a day trip. There are hotels within the walled city if you want to stay overnight. 

·     Perpignan … by train or car, either way, less than 30 minutes. We go to Perpignan for shopping. There’s a Galeries Lafayette, several home stores, electronics, etc.

·     Ceret … an easy (30 minute) drive from Collioure … Museum of Modern Art … Picasso, Braque, Gris, Soutine, Chagall, Herbin, Matisse

·     Barcelona … in the summer, there’s a bus that leaves Collioure early in the morning and returns that same night. Inquire at the Tourist Office. HINT: DON’T DRIVE in Barcelona!  Restaurant recommendations: (1) Les Quatre Gats (4 Cats) (2) an outdoor restaurant in a large plaza off the Ramblas, next to a narrow alley with a pizza place (forgot the name and exact address, will get it the next time we’re in Barcelona) …  a good (concise)guide book: DK – Top 10 Barcelona

·     vineyard tour & dinner … offered during the summer. bus leaves in early evening, drives to vineyard for tour and dinner. several different vineyards. Inquire in Tourist Office.

Overnight trips by train or car

·     Paris … 5-6 hours by train (leave at 6:00am, be there for lunch)

·     Nice … Michelin route finder says 4:46 hrs, 517 km by car … easy to combine with car trip through Provence … more details after we go there in June 07

·     Barcelona … 2-3 hours by train … recommended hotel: Catalonia Albinoni …  … we haven’t stayed there, but checked it out last year and plan to stay there in 2007. HINT: DON’T DRIVE in Barcelona!

·     lastly, a 7 day hike for the truly adventurous … a walking tour from Collioure to Cadaques … From the Côte Vermeille to the Costa Brava … web site: 


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