TRAVEL with pat and lew

a trip to the “guts” of the mall

Posted by Lew Weinstein on April 22, 2007

Although we brought 95 books to Collioure in June, and have purchased at least 25 more since we arrived, we’re running short, and we have some long days of travel ahead of us. This is cause for panic, so we head out to see if there’s a book store in the Wickford Mall.

We had been there a couple of Sundays ago, but it was closed. We drive around the outside of the mall. No stores are visible, and what can be seen doesn’t look promising. We stop a man walking near us and ask if there are any book stores inside.

“Yes, there are two.”

“Where are they?”

“Deep in the guts,” he says. There’s guts in there?

We park and enter the “guts.” Surprise! It’s actually a terrific mall, with many high quality shops, well lit, attractive. However, it’s all spread out, with wings off of wings, and no directory in sight.

We find a book store and make several purchases. Then we find a used book store called Pulp Fiction, which has an wonderful selection. They also purchase used books. Very conscious of the Qantas weight restrictions, we decide to return another day with the books we’ve finished.

We see signs for a cinema, and there are two movies playing we’d like to see. We are seriously movie-deprived, having seen only one movie in Dublin since June. We’re not jammed, so we decide to stay in the mall and go to the 1:00 showing of The Devil Wears Prada.

As we’re in the process of buying our tickets, senior citizen discount thank you, another woman, perhaps the manager, joins the ticket seller.

“Would you like to buy a senior card?”

“We’re leaving in a few days, I don’t think so.”

“But if you buy the card, you get into today’s movie free.”

“How much is the card?”


“How much is the movie?”


Even old seniors like us can make that decision. As we’re buying the cards, she asks if there’s another movie we want to see before we leave Australia. Yes, there is. Well, if you come before noon, with your new cards, it only costs $1.00 each. So, we see two movies for $22.00 instead of $44.00.

Meryl Streep is fantastic. As is The Departed, which we see two days later. 


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