TRAVEL with pat and lew

exploring the city of Perth

Posted by Lew Weinstein on April 22, 2007


On our second day in Australia, we start out for Perth. Our plan is to drive to the train station a mile or so away, but the weather suddenly blows up enough to discourage us and we return to the apartment. Good decision. It’s quite a storm.

The next day, we make it to the train station and find the last parking spot in the lot. The ticket machine in the station is broken. I walk up and over to the machine on the other  side of the tracks, then realize it only takes change and I only have bills.

Up and over again. There’s a call button. I call and explain. He puts me on hold. Before he comes back, a little kid wanders by, playfully pushes the button, and disconnects us.

The train is coming. There’s no time for another call, so we get on without tickets. Nobody asks, and we have a free ride. Later, we learn there’s a $50 fine for riding without a ticket. “It’s all part of the adventure.”

Across from the train station in Perth is the major shopping area. We stop first at the Tourist Office, load up on info. There are two pedestrian shopping streets. David Jones, a large department store, provides our first experience with very high prices, even by New York, Key West, and Paris standards. Australia is so far from anywhere, the cost of bringing goods here must be significant.

We eat lunch at a nice pub called Bobby Dazzler’s. For the return trip, we get change at the train station, buy our return tickets with a senior discount (they call it “Concession.”), ride the  train to the Greenwood station, and drive home.

A good first outing.

We take several other trips to Perth. One time we explore King’s Park, which is quite beautiful, but not very utilized. We’re used to Central Park in New York, which is always teeming with people. There’s a great view of the Perth harbor from the heights of the park. We take a bus tour of the park, expecting flowers, but we get bushes.


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