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Posted by Lew Weinstein on April 22, 2007

This page provides references to home exchange member and blog sites, with short descriptions about what those sites offer. We are happy to list sites which others bring to our attention. However, we are not active users of these sites, so we have no special knowledge regarding them.

Pat and I are members of, listing #52059. Please contact us through that site if you’re interested in a home exchange with us.

OTHER INFORMATIVE HOME EXCHANGE SITES … Green Theme International, a membership site for home exchange listings. Non-members may view listings but access to contact information is available only to members. Basic Plan 1 costs £21.00 US$ 38.96 €31,50.  … a non-fee home exchange travel blog associated with the GTI home exchange site.  … a non-fee site with information on the concept of home exchanging, choosing a home exchange club, and making the most of your membership. Includes an extensive data base covering many home exchange clubs.  a non-fee blog site with answers to questions on swapping homes, specific topics related to home exchange vacations plus Home Base Holidays members’ home swap stories and exchange offers. You can sign up for email alerts when new posts are published. … For more information on all topics related to home exchange … a for-fee international home exchange agency which has been operating for over 22 years. PLAN 1 costs £29. … INTERVAC was started in Europe in the early 1950’s by a group of teachers who were looking for economic means to travel internationally. Since 1950’s INTERVAC has grown to over 11,000 listings from some 50 countries annually.


One Response to “home exchange sites”

  1. Reills said

    Hi all,

    I have recently set up a new villa exchange program called Select Exchange which is aimed at second home owners who want to exchange their holiday home for a different resort or destination. Membership is just £10 at present. Feel free to visit or our blog at Any feedback or support would be welcome.

    Thanks, Michael

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