TRAVEL with pat and lew

new friends in Perth – Annemarie and Mark

Posted by Lew Weinstein on April 22, 2007

In Fremantle, a couple walking by is attracted by our American accents.

Mark is from Ohio, a teacher who was recruited to Australia in a program which offered a two year position. That was 30 years ago. Mark met Annemarie, fell in love, and never left. They have three sons and a daughter and a wonderful life down under.

Mark gives us their number, and several days later, we call. They invite us to join them for lunch, pick us up, and take us to a small town between Hillarys and Perth. The stir fry noodles, veggies, and chicken are excellent, as is the conversation.

We learn a lot about living in Perth. Mining income in the region is way up, driving prices sky high. Housing has appreciated dramatically in the past three years. Mark and Annemarie’s five bedroom home has doubled in value, but the cost of living has also accelerated, and traveling anywhere from Perth is ferociously expensive – $1000 roundtrip to Sydney, $2000 to Europe, much more to the U.S.

A week or so later, we again have dinner with Mark and Annemarie, at the Fratelli Restaurant on the West Coast Highway with a wonderful view of the sunset over the Indian Ocean.

After our trip to the outback, Annemarie reports she has told all her friends and we have become an “urban legend.” No Americans have ever been known to be in Fitzroy Crossing, let alone stay the night.

Annemarie reminds us in every email that they’re still talking about us in Perth.


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