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* One more week in Collioure – Oct 07

Posted by Lew Weinstein on October 29, 2007

Back from Tuscany, it’s good to be home. We have a week before we leave for the “new world” for the winter. We have had a marvelous extended summer (from mid-May to the end of October) in Europe and we’re beginning to list potential destinations for 2008 – Prague, Dubrovnik, Mikonos, Portugal – all easily accessible from our idyllic village of Collioure.

A surprise. When we meet with Madeleine to discuss having her open our apartment next spring, she tells us that Kristina and Tom, with Hanna, will be in Collioure the next day. It was Kristina from whom we first rented when we came to explore Collioure in 2005, and she was very helpful as we went about purchasing our own apartment. We exchange emails and arrange to meet for lunch on Sunday.

It is a spectacular fall day (Hanna plans to swim later), and our outdoor table at the Copacabana is perfect. Kristina and Tom both work for the US State Department in Moscow, and we share Russian experiences. Hanna goes to the international school and is an amazingly sophisticated (but still playful) young lady who is not yet nine years old. Tom has brought a bottle of Russian vodka which we manage to keep out of the waiter’s hands.

It will take us four days to get back to Key West.

  • Day 1: train to Girona, pick up rental car, return to Collioure.

  • Day 2: drive to Barcelona, stay overnight a hotel near the airport.

  • Day 3: fly Barcelona-Madrid-Philadelphia-Fort Lauderdale, spend the night in a hotel near the airport.

  • Day 4: breakfast with our friends Eileen and Ron, pickup rental car, drive to Key West.


One Response to “* One more week in Collioure – Oct 07”

  1. Marcie said

    Largely as a result of stumbling upon your “travel blog” about a year ago, we have now organised Christmas in Collioure, for which we leave Sydney, Aust, in just three weeks. The idea started off being just my husband and myself, and has now grown to include both our son and daughter as well as their respective partners!! My question is this: at the end of the stay, we need to travel from Collioure to Girona. In one of your entries, you mention taking the train Collioure to Port Bou and then to Girona. But in your last entry you talk about perpignan to girona as though it is just the one trip. Is that correct? sorry to treat you as a travel adviser, but i have not been able to find this info anywhere else and after all, YOU really are directly responsible for this trip! (cheeky grin). By the way, we have lived in the area of Western Australia that you visited, and it is nothing like Sydney. You really should come here, Pat could run the City to Surf with my husband in August. You and I could wait for them at a lovely beachside cafe in Bondi Beach…..
    Hope you are enjoying being back with family and friends in Key West.

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