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* Avignon … festival performers and magnificent art at the Calvet

Posted by Lew Weinstein on July 13, 2010

Palais des Papes


We had seen the Palace of the Popes on a previous visit, so this time we parked and immediately headed for the street life. And we were lucky – it was festival time in Avignon! The streets were crowded with tourists (like us) and performers trying to get us to attend their shows later in the day. It reminded us of the Edinburgh Festival. It was just grand.





There is a stunning museum in Avignon called the Calvet, founded in keeping with the wishes of Esprit Calvet (1728 -1810), a physician in Avignon who left his collections to the city of Avignon at the time of his death in 1810. The current collection is quite diverse. Here are just a few of the works I found quite moving …


la mort de Joseph Bara by Jacques-Louis David

Per Wikipedia … Joseph Bara is said to have been a young French republican soldier at the time of the Revolution. He was hailed as a hero by the leaders of the movement. Having been trapped by the enemy and being ordered to cry “Vive le Roi” (“Long live the King”) to save his own life, it is said he preferred instead to die crying“Vive la République” (“Long live the Republic”). This version of the history of Joseph Bara is disputed and considered as a “republican myth” by some historians.




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