TRAVEL with pat and lew

* Mykonos & Santorini … our 25th anniversary present to ourselves

Posted by Lew Weinstein on September 25, 2010

Our whole life since we retired is basically a vacation, interrupted by writing novels and enjoying times with our family and friends. So how do you do something special to celebrate 25 terrific years of marriage? You could do a whole lot worse than go to the Greek Islands.

Actually, we were a year late, and it was our 26th anniversary this year. But who’s counting?

Our plan was simple. Find the most beautiful place in the world and basically do not much once we got there. Here’s what we saw each day. So how do you think we did?

this was our view from our room in Mykonos


and this is what it looked like from our room in Santorini



3 Responses to “* Mykonos & Santorini … our 25th anniversary present to ourselves”

  1. Cathy & Jim said

    Stunningly beautiful sights (and sites). Congratulations on the 25th! That in itself is a GREAT achievement and we wish you at least 50 more with their accompanying travel gifts to each other. You are very good role models for how it’s done!
    Love, Jim and Cathy

  2. Linda said

    Pat and Lew –
    Extraordinarily beautiful – congratulations. I can’t wait to check these islands out for myself – unfortunately I’ll only be on each for a day. Thanks for the post and tease of what to expect!

  3. Karen & Joe said

    You did GREAT!! What a wonderful gift to yourselves. Happy Anniversary – whatever year it is. Fondly, Karen & Joe

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