TRAVEL with pat and lew

… and then we came back to Paris for another week

Posted by Lew Weinstein on August 8, 2011


This is the bridge of locks, where lovers leave a symbol of their love in the city of love. We left our lock last year. The first time we looked for it, we were disappointed. But Pat is persistent and we returned to learn it is still there.


The Hotel de Ville is the city hall of Paris and one of the most beautiful buildings in a city of beautiful buildings. The plaza in front of Hotel de Ville  is also the scene of a wide variety of activities, such as rock band setting up between two rather contrasting statues.


For us, this was a Sunday trifecta of iconic images: High Gregorian Mass at Notre Dame, Breakfast in America, and the finish of the Tour de France along the Champs d’Elysee. Does it get better than that!


People often ask us what we do in Paris, and we usually say, “We just walk around.” Here’s some of what we see. And this will have to do for our Paris experiences in 2011.



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