TRAVEL with pat and lew

* our wonderful apartment in Collioure is for sale … after I put these photos together I’m not sure we want to leave

Posted by Lew Weinstein on May 29, 2012

Our intent was a 2 year adventure in Europe …

it’s been 6 summers (this will be the 7th) and it’s time for a change.

The apartment has been everything we could have wanted. It’s very comfortable for 2 people. The terrace provides spectacular outdoor space for living, dining and entertaining.  

And, since many people want to come to Collioure, we have done over 20 great home exchanges, to Paris (many times) and Provence, elsewhere in Europe (Dublin, Vilnius), and to Hawaii, Australia, and Mexico. Great destinations provided by our apartment.


the view from our terrace


Our apartment is small inside, but it provides very comfortable living for 2 people. With the terrace adding to the living space, the apartment actually becomes quite large.


Our apartment is 5 minutes from the beach, with a great parking space, and immediately adjacent to the train station with access to Paris, Barcelona, and all of Europe.


Welcome to our home … dinner for 8 … cocktails for 14. Our apartment is perfect for entertaining.


Collioure is a former fishing village located on the Mediterranean 25 miles north of the Spanish border … with highways, train service and airports leading everywhere in France and Europe 


Collioure is an ancient and still largely authentic French village. It is a place where the French come on their vacations, with their children. All summer there is activity every day and night – street fairs, bands, Catalan dancing. A fresh market comes on Sundays and Wednesdays. There are 5 beaches, a 14th century chateau, and a 15th century church. Did I mention the weather – it’s perfect, in the low 80s by day, down to 70 or so at night. And the location is perfect for access to all of France and all of Europe.



and then … this is the view you wake up to the next morning



3 Responses to “* our wonderful apartment in Collioure is for sale … after I put these photos together I’m not sure we want to leave”

  1. Christie said

    Hi is your apartment still available for sale and for what price? Can you also give us an approximate location of your apartment. We have just visited Colliurre and found it really stunning.


    • Lew Weinstein said

      Thank you for your interest. We have an agreement of sale and a settlement date in August. If the closing doesn’t happen for whatever reason, we will get back to you. Our apartment is on the hill immediately adjacent to the train station.

  2. Hallo!
    Friends of mine have suggested Collioure as a splendid french village for vacation. Your apartment seems to be more than wonderful. I am a 72 years old divorced woman from Stockholm, Sweden and I have to hurry to fulfill my dreams of spending time in a warmer climate than that in Sweden. I fear, that the price of your apartment will be too high for me, but asking is free.
    Inger Lüthi (I was married to a swiss man)

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