TRAVEL with pat and lew

* quite a day in Paris … we found our lock, the site of our dream, good friends & Woody

Posted by Lew Weinstein on July 9, 2012

At the conclusion of our two week largely book research focused trip to Munich, Nuremberg, Prague and Warsaw, with a side trip to the mass grave of Jews murdered by Nazis at Tykocin, we had two nights and one day in Paris. We have been many times, and we absolutely love the city, so here’s what we did.



Several years ago, we added our lock to the bridge across the Seine just below Notre Dame Cathedral. Since then the number of locks has increased manyfold and it is ever more difficult to find ours. Thirteen panels from the left end of the bridge (facing Notre Dame) and after much looking, Pat finds it! The girl from Bali who took our picture semed almost as excited as we were. Almost.


the site where the dream began


Many years ago, long before the lock, we were in Paris and we met a couple having coffee at the cafe at the end of Isle St. Louis. They were concluding an extended stay in Paris. It was their last day and they were sad to leave.

After they left, we sat and talked. “Wouldn’t it be fabulous some day to live in Paris?” We had no plans and no reasonable expectation that we would ever make that happen. But we remembered, and when the time came, we did it.

This is our 7th summer in Collioure, each one of which has included 2-4 weeks in Paris. It’s good to dream.


Who goes to Paris to watch a movie? Well, if you haven’t been to the movies in 2 months, maybe you would too. We walked from our hotel near St. Paul past Hotel d’Ville, past Notre Dame, and through the Left Bank to the movie on Blvd. Ste Germaine, which by the way is a spectacular walk we recommend to anyone in Paris.

The French show most American movies in what is called V.O., or version originale, ie, English with French subtiltes. But much of To Rome with Love is spoken in Italian. So we were listening to Italian and seeing French subtitles.

It was still hilarious. And we look forward to seeing it again in America, with English subtitles.


 Charles McClelland has been a friend of mine since we were classmates at Princeton, although we have only seen each other 2-3 times in the 50 years since graduation. Charles has been a big help with my writing, beginning with a relationship at the University of Wisconsin that led to the publication of The Heretic there. More recently, the fact that Charles is a professor of German history, and has studied, lived and taught for many years in Germany, has led to many helpful contacts and also to an informed early reading of the draft of my novel-in-progress.

So it was great to find that Charles and Sandy, and their friend Linnea (with whom we had dinner last summer) would all be in Paris on the same day. We had a wonderful dinner at La Casa Olympe on rue St. George in the 9th arrondissement. But even the dinner could not compare with the brilliant conversation. What a fine conclusion to our one day in Paris.


St Sulplice


But not quite. On Sunday morning, before we took the train back to Collioure, we walked over to St. Sulplice, where an organ recital accompanied the 10:30 mass in the magnificent and very much under-appreciated church.


our room at Hotel Emile

And, oh yes, we can’t let this report end without a photo of our room in Hotel Emile on Rue Mahler, just next to Breakfast in America. Open the door, step into the shower!


Gare d’Lyon

 Finally, if you’re us, you really enjoy waiting at the charming Gare d’Lyon before boarding the train.



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