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* University of Warsaw … and another wonderful guide

Posted by Lew Weinstein on July 12, 2012

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In Munich, my character Berthold Becker will go to the University of Munich. Anna Gorska will attend the University of Warsaw. When they meet, do you think they may have read some of the same books?

The University in Warsaw is just down the street from our fabulous hotel, the Bristol. We set off without a plan, except to find the office of the University Museum. After several false starts, we arrived and were greeted by Anna Binkowska, who turned out to be enthusiastic and extraordinarily helpful. My suitcase was almost overloaded with the materials she gave us, including old photos of the University from before the war. 

Shown above, in addition to Anna, are the main gate and old library, both substantially as they were in 1930, when Anna Gorska will be there (in my imagination).. Also shown are two exhibits being held at the university, one on Jewish culture and the other related to casts of Michelangelo’s sculptures. 



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