TRAVEL with pat and lew

* Prague … old friends, new friends, castles, crystal and street basketball

Posted by Lew Weinstein on July 13, 2012

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We were planning to go from Nuremberg to Warsaw. The map clearly shows Prague in between. And in Prague live our friends George and Marketa. George met us at the train station and led us to our hotel. Later we had drinks on George and Marketa’s terrace, enjoying the fabulous view, followed by an outstanding Italian dinner at one of their favorite places. Then a walk back to the hotel through the stunningly lit Wenceslas Square.


On Saturday, we enjoyed walking around Old Town Square, remembering our 2008 visit with my son Jon, our daughter-in-law Stacie & grandson Evan (then 22 months).

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We walked off the square to see the old synagogues, remarkably surviving both Hitler and the Soviets. We never got there. Out of a doorway we were passing popped a friendly young man with a beard and a yarmulka. We were invited in to a “new” synagogue organized by a Chabad group, and then to lunch with them at a nearby kosher restaurant.

Lunch was a remarkable experience. We met a young cantor who was that day announcing his engagement. Just as the food had been served, one end of our table collapsed. No problem. It was immediately re-set and replenished with more wonderful food. The singing and praying was loud, joyous, and delightful.

And, oh, we met Ed Fagen, about whom Pat had been reading just a few weeks earlier. Ed is involved in the recovery of art stolen during World War II, and he and Pat had much to discuss. Another new friend, who happens to live in Florida.


Prague is a beautiful city full of old buildings, castles, and churches. Also street basketball and brilliant crystal.



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