TRAVEL with pat and lew

* Arthur Frommer reminds us to appreciate the TSA’s efforts to keep us alive

Posted by Lew Weinstein on August 10, 2012

Pat and Lew at Oxford with Arthur and Roberta

Arthur Frommer writes on his blog …

  • The people administering airports all over the world have adopted many of the same methods as our TSA has to insure that bomb-carrying terrorists are unable to blow us up.
  • You might want to reflect on the fact that it isn’t just the U.S. federal government that has come up with these procedures, but the governments of Great Britain, France, Germany, Scandinavia, Central and Eastern European countries, India, China, Thailand and elsewhere who have adopted the same procedures.
  • And you might then join me in responding to these sensation-seeking bloggers and other journalists with the strong declaration that we support the work of the TSA and welcome the care and concentration they devote to their security tasks.


One Response to “* Arthur Frommer reminds us to appreciate the TSA’s efforts to keep us alive”

  1. Renee said

    I’ve always believed that the road to the airport was paved with the TSAs best intentions, but I think the implementation is a little wanting. There should be more than a fine line between the honest attempts to stop bad people getting getting on planes with bombs and box cutters and simply harassing regular people – something the TSA seems to do rather well.

    I’d be curious to know how many grand terrorist plans have been foiled by the TSA – esp. given that their machines can be fooled. I couldn’t find the exact link, but this is the blogger who showed how anyone can get anything past a full body scanner:

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