TRAVEL with pat and lew

* a month in Dublin

Posted by Lew Weinstein on March 30, 2013

We sold our Collioure apartment on August 27 and had plans to go to the Amalfi Coast and the Isle of Capri on September 19, and were thus “homeless in Europe” in between. So why not go to Dublin. Our friend Valerie told us about the Clarion Hotel along the Liffey River that had corporate apartments and Pat made a deal for 20 nights. So we had a great space with full hotel services.

We left the notaire’s office with the promise that the proceeds would soon be on their way by wire to Key West, took a taxi to the train station in Perpignan (last time there?), and the train to Paris. One night at the Hotel Emile and an Aer Lingus flight to Dublin. Here’s Pat in her Irish tweed jacket on the terrace of our apartment.

Pat on the terrace

I was planning to use the time to work on my new novel (and fight with the bank over the transfer of funds from the property sale) while Pat enjoyed Dublin, especially the National Gallery. She went to see a film about Klimt which was supposed to start at 7:30pm but which started at 7:00 so everybody missed the first half hour. The person running the event said 7:00pm was the right time and refused to re-run the video. The next morning, Pat called the Director’s Office and they could not have been more concerned or accommodating, offering a private showing of the video or a private tour of the museum. Pat chose the latter and I got to go along. Here is Pat with our guide, who was marvelous, and the museum’s prize Caravaggio, the Betrayal of Christ.

at the museum

We spent much of our time in Dublin at the Apple store on Grafton Street, finalizing our (momentous for me) decision to switch from PCs to MACs. The Apple people were terrific, just as they had been at the Louvre during our 3 visits over the summer. We made our purchases in October, in the U.S. so we got an American keyboard.

Checking my Facebook one morning, I learned that our friends John and Patricia Bollinger were going to be in Dublin, and we had another coincidence meeting overseas, like we had outside the Duomo in Florence the year before.

The highlight of our Dublin trip was dinner at Una Ryan’s home, with Con, Valerie and Lorcan. Valerie and Una were vital parts of our going to Collioure in the first place – we bought our apartment from Una – so this was a fitting closure to our 7 years’ marvelous experience.  Even now, looking at the photo brings many memories and warm feelings.

at Una's 2-cropped

If you’re interested in the story of how we found our apartment in Collioure in June 2005, see …


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