TRAVEL with pat and lew

* finding my novel “Hereje” (“The Heretic” in Spanish) in a book store in Madrid was a thrilling experience

Posted by Lew Weinstein on August 30, 2013

post updated 9/6/13 …

My first novel, The Heretic, was published in Spanish last year. Shortly after arriving in Madrid, we passed a bookstore.  I cannot tell you what a thrill it was to find a copy, which I promptly autographed.

Hereje in Madrid

purchase * THE HERETIC at amazon.


Madrid is a beautiful city. Our hotel, the Catalonia Las Cortes, was elegant and comfortable, and perfectly located. As we do in all cities, we walked and soaked up the sights. The ambiance of outdoor eating, and the good but inexpensive food, was a great combination.

images in Madrid

We went to see Guernica, and to the Prada. No photos allowed at either, so here is a photo I took on our last trip to Madrid, when I am sure it was permitted. It is absolutely stunning to stand near this painting.


The first portion of our trip, and our new travel program – New York, Maine, Martha’s Vineyard, Falmouth, Boston and Madrid – was complete. Now to France for August and September.



2 Responses to “* finding my novel “Hereje” (“The Heretic” in Spanish) in a book store in Madrid was a thrilling experience”

  1. Ann Smith said

    I’ve been enjoying your summer, and I’m particularly looking forward to your months in France!
    I shall be traveling to Newburyport on the 10th for a week at Lizzie’s and a renewed perspective on “the rock”: great to get away; great to get back!
    Happy trails. . .

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