TRAVEL with pat and lew

* August in Nice … so wonderful we booked it again for 2014

Posted by Lew Weinstein on November 17, 2013

DSCN1866-wide angle sunrise

Our transfer from Villefranche to Nice was the easiest we have ever had. Our pre-arranged taxi arrived precisely at 10:00 am as scheduled and 20 minutes later we were dropped off at the Promenade de Englaise. Here’s a photo of the view from our apartment. I think Pat gets an A+ for this one.

Nice-view from apt


… same view a few minutes before dawn

just before dawn


We’re settling in very comfortably in our 2nd (of 4) week in Nice. I worked all morning, wrote drafts of two scenes I am really excited about. Pat ran 4 miles. Our afternoon trip involved a local bus, several successful errands, a late lunch at an outdoor cafe, and a Velo bike ride home. OK!

Lew &-velo cards

Sunday morning … a visit to the outdoor market in Nice’s Old Town. Biking 14 minutes each way – no charge for the 1st half hour … Cherries and flowers, petit dejeuner … We’re working on our travel plans for 2014, including perhaps a return to Nice.

sunday morning market


After we bought a small bouquet of flowers, the lovely flower lady gave Pat a rose, carefully removing all the thorns first.

flowers in Nice


We found a wonderful small street (rue de l’Abbaye) in Nice’s Old Town, lined with one picturesque outdoor restaurant after another. We chose Le Tire Bouchon; my duck and Pat’s lasagne aubergine were both superb. On the way, we met a friendly mime.



Pat went swimming this morning in the Mediterranean. She says the water was wonderful but the rocks were a travail. She’s out now looking to buy better beach shoes.

pat swimming


Is any comment really needed?

moon over Med in Nice


There is of course much beauty in France. There are also many sad reminders. Many.

sad reminders


We were treated to a fantastic lunch at the home of our new friends Trevor and Julia. This followed a wonderful tour (led by Trevor) of Vence and St. Paul de Vence.

lunch in nice-cropped

pat & lew in Vence


A side trip to Cannes is a short train ride away. There are lamborghinis and yachts, but as far as I’m concerned, the best sight in Cannes was the lady who accompanied me there.

Cannes composite


Another side trip by bus to Cagnes-sur-mer, to see the house where Renoir lived, painted and died. We had just seen the movie (click >>> Renoir), which is set at this home. We recommend it highly.

In addition to the Renoir home, I had the best hamburger I’ve ever had in France, with the help of a man from the next table who explained in French (to the waitress) what “medium-well” means.



sky at dusk


Two kinds of fireworks on our balcony in Nice.

2 kinds of fireworks


Pat swam this afternoon in bright sunshine … 15 minutes later, the skies darkened, rains came, and it was cool enough to get the long-sleeve shirt out of the suitcase for the first time this summer. NOTE: another 15 minutes and the sun was back.

pat on balcony


Thank you for the LIBERATION OF NICE … Aug 28, 1944 … After hear Stars and Stripes playing outside, Pat looked out from our balcony and saw a long line of jeeps with American flags. We went down and watched the procession head off along the Promenade. It appeared to be French people in the jeeps, in American uniforms, waving American flags.

A sign on one jeep said “we will never forget.”

I am reminded of a young man we met in Normandy who said the same thing, adding appreciatively “you gave us our country back.” All in all, very moving.

jeeps in Nice


The thanks to Americans for liberation of Nice continues. While sitting on the balcony, having our nightly aperitif (it may be 11am in the States, but it is 5 o’clock in France!) American WWII planes flew overhead.

Then the jeeps came again, filled with French women dressed in the 1940’s clothes and bright red lipstick, “soldiers” all wearing American uniforms, and all the jeeps sporting American flags.

US WWII plane


Pat’s last swim in the Med this year …

pat's last swim


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