TRAVEL with pat and lew

* two weeks in Martha’s Vineyard … sublime

Posted by Lew Weinstein on July 22, 2014


From New York, we flew from LaGuardia direct to the Vineyard. Our first night was in a B&B in Edgartown which Pat found on AirBnB. The next morning our very helpful host (who had picked us up at the airport) also drove us to the lovely little cottage (half of a duplex) on Herringcreek Road just past the Katama fork.

We settled in and the next morning rode our bikes to the beach (2.5 mi each way). Check that one off. Now we don’t have to go again.

MV - Pat & Lew on beach

Menemsha is a special place. Our wonderful landlady Rita drove us over and we each had a terrific dinner – the lazy lobster, mahi-mahi, and lobster pot pie – at Homeport on the bay. Then Rita led us down along the waterfront for a beautiful sunset.

Menemsha composite

pat & lew at menemsha - cropped

… a Sunday morning bike ride to the Edgartown harbor, buy a NYT, enjoy coffee (& tea) and donuts, and our 1st selfie … quite pieceful.

MV - sunday am composite

We biked 8 miles from Oak Bluffs to Edgartown today. Some of you may wonder how we got to Oak Bluffs with our bikes. Answer: MV has a magnificent bus system; just hang the bikes on the front. Seeing kids jump off the bridge was expected. The old concert sign with Richie Havens was not.
biking from OB
It’s great when we travel to meet friends from home in different places. Tom and Debbi set off from Key West in February, with a van, a smart car and two bikes, for a 14 month sojourn through the eastern US. This week they’re on Cape Cod and they took the ferry to the Vineyard to join us for lunch.
MV - Tom,Debbi,Pat
Pat planned the route for us to bike to Morning Glory Farm. Would anybody be surprised if I report that we got lost and ended up on a sandy dirt road where we felt safer to walk the bikes. But we got there.
MV - DSCN3747 Morning Glory

After the Vineyard, we flew to LGA, drove to Cherry Hill, saw the kids again, spent a day “down the shore,” and flew from PHL to Paris, where I’ll pick up the story next.


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