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* a quick visit to Boston

Posted by Lew Weinstein on August 30, 2013

From Falmouth, we took a bus to Boston, our last U.S. layover before heading to Europe. Boston is a great city, and two nights were hardly enough, but we made the most of it. We had a chance to spend time with Ed Demore, another Key West friend, and with Pat’s niece, the beautiful Bridget. Two nights, two great dinners in the North End.

Ed & Brigitte

We ate with Ed in an Italian restaurant. Our mouths dropped when we saw the painting on the wall, the Ponte Vecchio in Florence and, off to the right, the apartment we stayed in when last in Florence in 2011.. The photo below is the same view.

Florence in Boston

The big news in Boston was the trial of Whitey Bulger for 29 murders and other assorted crimes. As a former criminal defense attorney, Pat couldn’t stay away from the courthouse. We couldn’t get in to the actual trial (only a few seats for the public, get in line at 3:00 am), but were a few courtrooms away watching a live video feed of the testimony of Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi. Even for me, it was fascinating. Whitey has since been found guilty on many of the charges and is awaiting sentencing.

Whitey's courthouse

On our second morning in Boston, we packed, left the bags in our hotel, and took a great walk through Faneuil Hall, the Boston Common and out onto Beacon Street. Billy Rodgers shoes are still there, but alas his store is gone. Along the way, I was interviewed about Anthony Weiner and his bizarre campaign for Mayor of New York. The finish line of the Boston Marathon, a scene of devastation not too long ago, brought reflection, sadness, and anger. We had lunch, and as you can plainly see, began our diets.

in Boston

We grabbed a cab back to the hotel, picked up our bags, and continued to Logan. Hence to Madrid.

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