TRAVEL with pat and lew

* Portofino … view from the terrace … after 20 years

Posted by Lew Weinstein on September 2, 2014

Visitors to our home in Key West, or our former home in Manhattan, will recognize this painting by Kerry Hallam, which we purchased in NY about 20 years ago. Many of you have asked where it was painted and if we had ever been there. Well, it was painted in Portofino, and yesterday, we were there.

portofino - Kerry Hallam


Our intent was to identify the exact buildings that Hallam painted and the precise spot where he painted from. And we succeeded!

The buildings were easy, the patio not so. We lined up the sight lines but could see nothing like the terrace on the hill opposite those buildings. Then we found some shops on a hill and continued up. There it was. For us, it was a really exciting moment.

Here is the view, from ground level and from Hallam’s terrace.

portofino buildings

And here we are on the terrace.

pat & lew on terrace

We walked back into town and looked up. No terrace visible. We had to walk all the way out to the last buildings in the port to catch just a tiny glimpse of the terrace nestled into the hillside foliage.

terrace composite

We felt triumphant and decided to treat ourselves, first to a glass of prosecco, than to a delightful meal at the best-located port-side taverna.



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